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The Power of Point Clouds

BIM-Y is a solution for existing building to follow the Building Information Modeling technology step by step, without big investment to increase building’s value, improve its management and boost savings.

Crypt of Saint Aubin (FRANCE)

A 3D point cloud made with mobile and static scanner. We are able to scan between 10.000 and 20.000 m² a day following the complexity of the building.

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Zenith of Dijon (FRANCE)

A virtual visit with access to technical information of asset building. We provide all information within less than 30 seconds. A technician can intervene without knowing the building and without opening a drawing.

Search "ZED_00-EL-CFa-001.001"

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Luxembourg City Incubator

A inside and outside 3D point cloud made with mobile scanner.

Click on (top left of the project window) and choose "Show point cloud"

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Current Scan-to-BIM solution versus BIM-Y



  • Cheaper scan processing
  • No 3D redraw
  • Mobile and/or static scanner



  • until 20.000 m² a day
  • No training
  • Access 24/7



  • Space optimisation of your server
  • ± 1.5Go per 1.000 m²

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How it works

Power of point clouds

Point cloud manipulation

Visitor's point of view

Occupant's point of view

Manager's point of view

Measure and technical data

Application DO-Y


Point cloud and 3D object

Factory usage

Navigation apps

Revit plugin

IndoorViewer customization


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